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Tuesday Evening Session 07/09/2024

Tuesday Evening Session 07/09/2024


Tuesday evening session class meets for 2 hours, once a week, for 6 weeks....6-8 pm.  Our Intro Try-It class is suggested but not required and each class will have students with varying levels of experience. Students learn & participate in each step of the process: forming, creating, finishing, decorating, & glazing. Clay, glaze, & firing expenses included in the class fee up to 8 lbs fired with no leftover carried over to subsequent sessions. Additional fees are calculated by the pound but not usually needed for beginners : ) Making-up a missed class (1) is limited & not always possible, especially as we pass the midpoint of the session.* 48 hours notice required for rescheduling or cancellation with refund.

  • Current students are resigning up for classes, making it difficult for new people to join us....Please hang in there. The warmer months will thin out the crowd and you will be able to join us soon : )

    *May/June  Jul/Aug  Sept/Oct  Nov/Dec 

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